17 November 2015

Jumeirah Golf Estates, host of the DP World Tour Championship, has today announced the opening of a brand new gymnasium, which will provide an unrivalled golf, fitness and wellbeing facility for the Middle East. Henrik Stenson, brand ambassador for Jumeirah Golf Estates, along with Jumeirah Golf Estates’ CEO Yousuf Kazim, officially opened the new gym.

The Country Club gymnasium will provide personal training and a variety of fitness class services for members and residents at Jumeirah Golf Estates. In addition, the European Tour Performance Institute (ETPI) will house a rehabilitation and performance center, providing personal training and sports medical therapists to the institute. Services will include physiotherapy, sports massage, golf specific rehabilitation and strength & conditioning programs.

“It is a great honour to be here to open the new gym at Jumeirah Golf Estates and see the fantastic progress being made. Enhanced facilities such as the new gym and the European Tour Performance Institute are incredibly beneficial to improving fitness, performance and overall wellbeing for golfers and non-golfers alike,” Stenson commented.

Director of Instructions at ETPI, Mark Gregson-Walters looks forward to welcoming both amateur and professional golfers: “The beauty of having our own gym within ETPI is that professional rehabilitative and preventative treatment is on hand within the community, as well as personal trainers. It will provide services such as physiotherapy and personal training, which isn’t reserved for just our golfers – we encourage all of the residents, members and guests of Jumeirah Golf Estates to come and utilise the services.”


With swimming, tennis, golf and yoga classes already available at Jumeirah Golf Estates, the Country Club gymnasium will also bring additional classes for both adults and children, providing accessible fitness options across a wide range of areas.

Yousuf Kazim, CEO of Jumeirah Golf Estates, said: “We have been working toward cementing our position as a premium golf and lifestyle destination and this is yet another proof point of our progress. Set in an expanse of open green space, Jumeirah Golf Estates provides the perfect environment to encourage healthier lifestyles and we are proud to further evolve our fitness and wellbeing offering for the growing community.”

Jumeirah Golf Estates also recently announced that construction of a retail center is underway. The opening of the gym offers even more to residents, members and visitors, providing everything that families need for fitness, lifestyle and recreation within the community.